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What is UX, and why does it matter? | appjet.io

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What is UX, and why does it matter?

User Experience

Nowadays, enterprises strive to grab users’ attention to their business websites or applications. That’s why user experience plays such an important role in product development. Let’s find out what UX is and why it’s so crucial for your business.

UX design is about creating digital products that serve a purpose, and carry value for the users. The User Experience process is crucial in product design because it helps to effectively address users’ pain points and needs. After all, no one will use a product that serves no purpose. We present everything you should know about the role of User Experience.

What is User Experience?

There is no standard definition of UX design. User experience consists of several dimensions that include a variety of disciplines such as digital product development. Let’s try to define this term.

User Experience (in short UX) influences the way users interact with a digital product or a service. Simply put, it is the journey of the users while interacting with a product. So, in other words, the manner an application or a website is designed (in terms of look and functionalities) affects the users and how they interact with it.

User experience relates to any aspect of the interaction a customer has with a particular company, service, or product.

That’s why great UX can lead to the company’s success, and on the other hand, the poor user experience will be the cause of failure.

The role of UX in business

The value of a UX is enormous not only for users but also for businesses that support the design of a product. User experience enables the user to interact as easily as possible. From setting an alarm to talking to a friend through a phone app or listening to music, it can all be achieved with the help of good design. Whenever creating an interface, a user experience has to be designed to bring value to everyone in their user experience.

To get a better understanding of how important UX is for business, let’s take a look at the example of online stores. Generally speaking, if a consumer’s buying process is too complex, he or she will quickly abandon the site and go to the competition. You can imagine now how damaging it can be for your brand when the users leave your website.

What’s the difference between graphic design and UX?

Graphic design focuses on evoking emotions through typography, color, and image. UX designers also have a focus on creating a positive experience for users but generally, they follow a much larger perspective on overall user experience. UX designers need to pay attention to lots of details, such as motion design tone and information structure. So, they should aim not only for creating aesthetical designs but, most importantly, to build the best user-friendly experience. UX design is primarily a three-type design: interaction design, visual design, and information architecture.

The benefits of UX

More and more companies start to invest in UX, as they are aware of how beneficial it is for their business. User Experience is the proven way to develop better digital products, and as a result, it can contribute to your business’ growth.

The benefits that UX may bring to your company include the following:

  • building users’ loyalty,
  • creating a strong brand image,
  • improving product development processes;
  • increasing your competitiveness in the market;
  • growth in revenue and lowering costs.

7 principles of great UX

How can you make sure that a website or application has got great UX? There are certain methods of designing the user’s experience. The way of using a particular product should be made as easy, smooth, and enjoyable as possible for the user.  Let’s take a look at the rules that will help you eliminate the pain points of the users and make using your product more intuitive.

7 rules of user experience you should follow when developing a digital product.

The main rules of designing great UX:

  1. 1. Useful

Following User Experience rules will help you develop a purposeful product that fits the market’s demands.

Our trick:

During the research phase, our appjet.io team always focuses on identifying why a product is needed and what the target customers should gain from it.

  1. 2. Usable

Usability in UX is about making the journey for the user as efficient and intuitive as possible.

Find out more information about usability testing here >>

  1. 3. Findable

Obey the law of locality, and put the most crucial interface elements in visible areas, so that users don’t have to look for them. They should see the main call-to-action button as soon as they enter the website or application.

  1. 4. Credible

It’s crucial for your target audience to trust your business. Designing UX at the highest level will help you to assert to your customers that you deliver professional products or services. If users meet some error in your design, they will feel deceived. When you deliver a valuable product, you should also take care of a good user experience that confirms your promise.

  1. 5. Desirable

Good UX should tap into users’ emotions. You can take advantage of User Experience Design as a way to strengthen your brand identity. An attractive and clear design that matches your brand’s identity is a simple way to grab users’ attention. As a result, it will make your product more desirable.

  1. 6. Accessible

You should take care of the navigation. If there are some options hidden and the customers’ journey requires too many clicks to finish, the users will abandon your website.

  1. 7. Valuable

Digital products need to carry some value to both: the business and the customers. This is the key factor, which combines all the above characteristics of excellent UX.

Take care of great UX Design to grow your business

A great UX design will make your digital product stand out. It is a proven way to attract users and make them stay. If you take into consideration users’ needs while developing an app or a website, you will easily succeed and overtake the competition.

If you need to develop a digital product with great UX, contact us! Our appjet.io team will create a mobile application or a website that responds to your users’ needs